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Year 5

Welcome to the exciting year of 2016.  Year Five is going to be full of exciting activities and lots of learning to allow the students to reach their maximum potential.  First I would like to introduce myself; I am Sharley McGovern and have recently moved to the lovely town of Charters Towers from Tweed Heads in New South Wales.  I am a graduate teacher and new to the teaching profession but I am eager to start the year with the amazing year 5’s and build strong relationships that help us grow together.  These relationships also include the parents as I believe you play a crucial role in your child’s learning so please feel free to drop in and say hello.
Term one is jam-packed with new and electrifying subjects that aim at providing students with interactive learning.
Students will be furthering their understanding of the foundation of Number to ensure they have the skills to link to high order mathematical equations.  They will be interacting with chance and probability which is closely linked to real life experiences and also focus on interpreting and drawing conclusions from data.  The students will also be using protractors which may be unfamiliar to some to create angles to compare and estimate with also a focus of using the metalanguage within this area.  I believe it is essential that all students in the area of mathematics are exposed to a balance of both hands on activities and theory based concepts to link their understanding and provide a foundation for future mathematical concepts.
This term the students will become desert survivors and learn about how life can survive in extreme temperatures and dryness of a desert environment.  Through hands-on activities, students investigate how the structural features of desert plants and animals adapt.  This unit allows students to demonstrate, build and extend their skills and attributes to succeed in life and work in the 21st century.
Year five will become travelling historians and learn about the development of British colonies in Australia around the 1800s.  A major focus for History will be the causes and effects of colonisation on both the environment and Aboriginal peoples.  The focus location of colonisation will vary between Moreton Bay and Van Diemen’s Land colonies and also the motivations of this development.  The students will build their historical knowledge and vocabulary and also their skills of researching information from a variety of sources.
This term is very important as NAPLAN is just around the corner in Term 2.  The focus in writing will be on both narratives and persuasives texts and enabling the students to follow a simple but purposeful structure.  I feel this area can cause stress and concern for some students and parents but be reassured my main aim is to build confidence in student writing.  Reading groups will focus on building skills of comprehension, confidence in reading and also finding meaning of texts.  The final assessment in the area of English will include students creating the first chapter of a fantasy novel.  Throughout the term students will be guided to this assessment providing them with essential skills to fulfil this task to the best of their ability.
And that is Term 1 done and dusted. Short and sweet 9 week term.  Please do not hesitate to come into the classroom to have a chat or even have to look at some of the amazing work we will be doing.
Regards, Miss McGovern