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Year 4

The first week of term one flew by for students in year 4.  Learning is underway and students are on task and focused after their long break.
A huge focus this term is on our interactive learning walls and know and able to do charts which allow students to fully understand and break down each assessment task.
English – This term students will writing a new chapter for the novel ‘The Twits’.  Students will need to use narrative structure: orientation, complication, resolution, conclusion, as well as use verbs, verb groups, nouns, noun groups, adverbs, adverb groups, quotation marks, direct speech, sentence types, character development and cohesive devices throughout their new chapter.  These will be revised until week 7.  Assessment will be due in week 8.
Mathematics – Students will be applying their prior knowledge and understanding of mathematical areas such as, Number, Operations, Measurement, Geometric Reasoning, Chance, Data, Fractions and Decimals and Finances to complete numerous assessment tasks.  These tasks will be linked with real-life, to ensure students know how important mathematics is for them today, and in the future.  Assessment will be completed weekly on Friday’s.
Science – Students will be learning about the scientific process while conducting an investigation on the erosion process.  Students will apply science understandings to create control strategies in real-life situations.  Assessment will be completed in weeks seven and eight.
History – Students will be learning about the First Fleet and how and why life changed in the past.  They will also be learning how to sequence events in chronological order.  Students will apply their knowledge in the form of a narrative detailing the journey of their chosen convict.  Assessment will be completed in week’s five to eight.
This year’s major focuses are attendance, writing and mathematics.  If your child is away it is important that you call, email or send a note in the following day to inform us.  If you know that your child is going to be away for a few days, for example, going on holidays it is important to also call, email or write a note so we can prepare any work your child will miss.
Each term students will complete specific writing tasks for Mr. Barath as a part of our push to develop our student’s skills. Mr Barath will work with class teachers to improve individual students writing skills.
For mathematics, I am sure you are all well aware that we have two textbooks this year; ‘Think Mentals’ and ‘Imaths’ which will both be used weekly to improve student’s depth of knowledge and retention.
Miss Spencer