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Year 2

Term 1, 2016 in Year 2
“This is what we are learning this term.”
Unit: Reading, writing and performing poetry
Overview: In this unit students read and listen to a range of poems to create an imaginative poetry reconstruction. Students present their poem or rhyme to a familiar audience and explain why it is entertaining.
·         Number and place value
·         Recall the counting sequence to one thousand
·         Recall addition number facts, e.g. use ten, use doubles  
·         Use the face value of notes and coins to sort, order, count
·         Using units of measurement to tell time by using clocks, containers to measure capacity, and informal units to measure length.
·         Identifying key features of 2D shapes
·         Location and transformation
·         Classify lists of everyday events according to how likely they are to happen
Pose questions, collect data and create graphs to display data
Unit: Mix. Make and use
Overview: In this unit, students investigate combinations of different materials and give reasons for the selection of particular materials according to their properties and purpose.
Unit: Exploring the impact of changing technology on peoples lives
Overview: In this unit students examine changes in technology that have occurred over time, to develop an understanding of the impact that technology has had on people's lives.
Unit: Visual Art
Overview: In this unit, students create new stories in artworks by collaging characters, objects and landscapes from different artworks.
Miss West